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I offer music technology and electronic music tuition for all ages and abilities that are tailored to your specific musical needs.

From the beginning I identify exactly what you are looking to achieve through the sessions and what musical ambitions you have so that I can tailor lessons to help you follow your desired musical path.

 The focus of the lessons could be as structured or flexible as you like, with the option to create a personalized study pathway over a set time period for you to achieve your goals, or simply help you to improve the music you are currently working on. 

Below are just some areas that I can help you with:​


  • Provide you with a better understanding of your DAW so that you can focus on making great music.

  • Teaching music production techniques - mixing, dynamic processors, audio effects and specific DAW features.

  • Sampling techniques - both digital and analogue.

  • Synthesis and sound design - Subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, the signal path of a synth and how to shape sounds.

  • Using specific software instruments and MIDI to create the sound that you want.

  • Microphone & recording techniques for various instruments such as vocals, guitars and drums etc.

  • Recording and processing vocals - how to record vocals, use pitch correction, vocal processing & mixing techniques.

  • An Introduction to digital mastering techniques.

  • An Introduction to music theory - scales, chords & cadences.

  • Song structure development.

  • Song writing support, helping you develop your own creative song writing.

  • Tips on speeding up your workflow so that you can write, mix and finish tracks faster.

These are some typical areas to focus on during lessons. However, I am more than happy to discuss any other areas related to music technology that I might be able to help you with.

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