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Group lessons suit producing duos, bands or like-minded friends that want to learn more about music production, recording and sound design. In a similar way to one-to-one lessons, group lessons can be as flexible or structured as you like. If desired I could establish what everybody is looking to achieve individually or collectively in order to provide tailored lesson plans to help you achieve your musical goals. Some ideas of where to start are below:

Producing Duos 

  • Analyse the current way you make music, to see if there is room for improvement in terms of work flow so that you can write, mix and finish tracks faster.

  • Is there specific audio processing technique that you would like to master or music genre you want to learn? If so we could work on ways to do so.

  • Improving your mixing and mastering skills so that your songs are comparable to professional tracks.

  • You might like to bring in a track that you are working and would like to improve. We would go through the track together, discussing ways to improve its mix so that you can practically apply these mixing techniques. 


  • Microphone & recording techniques for various instruments, best practice and what equipment to use.

  • Focusing on how to mix the recorded material involving an in depth look at what type of overall sound or feel you want from your song and what audio tools and effects can help you achieve this. 

  • Advice on song structure development and songwriting support.

Like-Minded Friends

  • Is there a song that you would like to re-create or better understand how it was made? If so we could work together in deconstructing the track, it's structure, its BPM, what key it's written in, identify what sounds were used and how they were used so as to recreate something similar in the same style.

  • Basic music theory - basic music theory lessons covering different scales, chords, cadences, melodies and rhythm.

  • Advice on how to set up a home studio so that you can focus on making music in the comfort of your own home.

Above are just some areas that you might like to focus on. These lessons are designed to be fun, enable creativity and help you improve your music tech knowledge.

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